Veneto Region – European Funding Funds – Description of the operation

The Best Idea Srl was created to produce a new software and use it on its own web portal. By the quality of the project presented, it was chosen by the Regione Veneto (the region in Italy that has Venice as its regional capital), obtaining a non-refundable loan of € 24,000 of funds allocated by Europe under the POR FESR / Regione Veneto 2014/2020, to cover part of the software development costs and other related costs, for a total cost of € 30,000 + VAT.

He developed the software, starting from an analysis that had been carried out for a long time and that had occupied almost a year of work on the part of the creator, from the moment he had imagined the necessity from which he started, the help in the generation of Ideas, products and Innovations and their assessment, to complete the selection process in a short time and consistent with the needs of the market and the development times of competitors.

Brainstorming is, in small and large companies, a moment of creativity that in many cases is confusing, dispersive, poorly focused on objectives.
It is traditionally carried out through meetings that involve a general slowdown of work, the frustration of those who participate in it and difficulties in managing the processes of collective creation and assessment.
The result is often characterized by a general waste of time and by the difficulty of identifying the best solutions in a scientific way.

The software created by “The Best Idea” solves this problem thanks to ICT and cloud technologies.

  1. collect ideas and proposals and generate them in a single and collective way
  2. make virtual brainstorming sessions in the times and in the ways preferred by everyone, reducing the time commitments of the individual person, eliminating long and useless meetings.
  3. thanks to a climate of playful competitiveness through the secret voting of individual persons and any prizes, choose the best ideas, the best “Inventors” and the best “Voters” of the Ideas of others, extending the visualisation of innovative Ideas to a part or all users of the website
  4. give greater weight to the vote for those with more experience, ability and commitment in assessment the Ideas of others, introducing a multiplier coefficient of the given vote, depending on the skills previously demonstrated to represent the majority of the Voters
  5. extend the response to the “Needs” to a part or to all users of the website, which may also be private citizen, to which the “Challenges” will be launched, who can propose innovative “Ideas” or vote those already available on the website.
  6. carry out a market survey before publishing an Idea or producing the new product, using the best “Idea Voters” in a confidential manner
  7. informing of the existence of “Ideas” and patents, catalogued in the various sectors and ordered by liking of the users of the software, indicating the reference of the patent in case they have it, for the technological exchange between companies
  8. indicate the ideas for which a crowdfunding operation is in progress, providing the link


Our service will be of fundamental importance both for smart factories 4.0 (Smart Manufacturing) and for all small, medium and large enterprises, artisan and industrial, that use creativity as a primary source of competitiveness.
It can be used in all knowledge-intensive contexts such as Research Centres, Universities, Foundations, Business networks, operating across the entire system of “Scientific Research and Innovation“, both public and private.


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