Access to the reserved area and payment of the fee

The Company Website Operator, in accordance with its purpose (see also the page: Purpose of the Website=How it Works), provides – by registering on the Website under the conditions indicated below – for the possibility to access to a Reserved Area, in which it is possible to carry out the operations indicated below, for some of which it is necessary to pay the subscription fee, using the “credits” that can be purchased according to the rates specified on the “prices” page of the Website:

  1. show his Innovative Ideas or Inventions in order to receive ratings from other Users through a widespread vote, analysing their quality and interest, allowing him to quickly find the outlets of use and then sell them wholly or partly;
  2. start Surveys, marketing and opinion surveys on issues of general interest, including socio-economic or political issues, asking other users or an opinion, choosing between the various options inserted, or an evaluation score. In particular, unlike the “Ideas”, the “Surveys” have as their primary purpose to acquire a prior opinion with a single choice of several possibilities, which, following a detailed analysis, will lead to the creation of an innovative idea;
  3. expose a Need and then request the intervention of who might be able to develop an Idea that meets the user’s needs.
  4. express an opinion, through a vote on Innovative Ideas, or Inventions published by other Users, participate in Surveys, Marketing and opinion Surveys published by other Users

Only with access to the Reserved Area, it will therefore be possible to express a “Need”, and / or enter a new “Idea” and / or to start “Surveys” as indicated above and / or vote or express an opinion on entered by other Users registered on the Website.

However, the software allows those who insert their Idea or request into the Reserved Area to have it voted or by all the Users registered, or only by some Invited Users from the Inventor and therefore the only ones who will be able to view the Idea.

In order to allow the Inventor to demonstrate the date of entry of his Idea or invention, the system will instantly send, at the time of publication of the Idea or invention, an email (ordinary) to the Inventor; it will be a task of the Inventor and in his interest, to send a certified e-mail communication to himself.

This doesn’t guarantee that the paternity of the Idea is ensured, but it is still a useful element to be able to claim it.

Before entering his Idea or Invention in the Reserved Area, the User registered will have to evaluate the need to obtain a patent or at least deposit the unpublished works for copyright at the competent Body.

Without prejudice to free access for the first 30 days, the duration of the right to access the Reserved Area to carry out the operations for which the use of “credits” is necessary as the subscription fee, is 30 days in the case of a subscription called “30 days” and 365 days in the case of a subscription called “Annual”, to be calculated including the day of first access. You can choose whether to adopt automatic renewal or not to adopt it. With the payment of the fee, it will be possible to obtain the renewal of the right of access for further 30 or 365 days depending on the case.

With the exception of the express cancellation request, the information provided by the registered User in the Reserved Area will remain visible and will be used by the Website Operator for the time necessary to achieve the purposes set forth by the Website.


Payment of the fee

Payment of the access fee by Users indicated on the Website Purpose of the Website=How it works, must take place through the use of the number of “credits” indicated on the “prices” page of the site in the various cases, purchased by payment with the PayPal system. Once payment and use of the necessary “credits” have been made, access to the Reserved Area will be made available quickly.

We also inform you that you will not receive from us any request to make payments outside of our Website, or to communicate or change passwords or anything else outside of our Website, for which operations you will need to operate by connecting directly to our Website, and we ask you to advise us if you receive undue requests to do so.

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