The research and selection of personnel

Are you a recruiter or HR Manager and want to know how to carry out the recruitment and selection process?

Within a company, recruitment is a fundamental activity. Selecting valid collaborators who know how to work as a team and constantly get involved is the key to success.

This is why the recruitment process, generally entrusted to the Human Resources function, is a very complex activity.

Research and selection of personnel: the phases

What are the phases of the research and selection of personnel?

  • attraction – where you try to attract candidates
  • selection – in which the best candidate for the company is identified
  • onboarding – the candidate has been hired but must be fully integrated into the company
  • measurement – the progress of the selection process is evaluated through the analysis of key metrics (KPI), to understand what went well and what didn’t

With The Best Idea, you can make the research and selection process of a candidate quick and easy, assigning them a test, even before seeing them in person, for a first screening in the “selection” phase or verifying the acquisition of specific skills afterwards a first period of work in the company or following a course:

  • The candidate can immediately see the overall grade assigned to him in detail
  • Pre-assignment of a score for each choice you make
  • Automatic overall candidate score and data extraction in Excel

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