The benefits of Hackathons for companies

Quickly learn skills, strengthen your ability, and make them spendable in the future: here are just some of the benefits of Hackathons for companies.

At the root of the Hackathon there is above all innovation: IT and digital professionals are called upon to find innovative solutions to solve delicate issues, through the development of apps, new technologies or business models.

And it is precisely by virtue of the heterogeneity of its participants that the Hackathon brings numerous benefits to the business environment. The variety of professionals who participate brings diversity of thought and consequently prototypes or innovative ideas.

Just think, without the hackathons the LIKE button and the Facebook CHAT wouldn’t even exist!

Hackathon – the benefits for IT experts and professionals

Hackathons are not only beneficial for companies, they also benefit professionals such as IT experts, novice students, etc. Here are some of the main advantages:

1. You acquire new technical ability and improve your soft skills. The hackathon is an environment in which to experiment with new technologies and tools. Very often workshops are organized with experts and gurus of the sector to deal with.

2. Experience is gained by transforming concepts into actions. For those who, in their daily lives, only have to deal with one of the phases of the product life cycle, hackathons are a great way to understand and be involved in every step, from design to implementation.

3. Build your own network. During these events, it is easy to get in touch with many professionals in the IT sector and become aware of job opportunities in the partner companies of the event.

4. Experience is gained in different sectors. During a hackathon, you can closely observe how different realities deal with problems and develop innovative ideas. You can experiment with the different technologies and platforms used and even learn new programming languages.

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