What does Innovation Management mean: 2 USEFUL TIPS

What does Innovation Management mean for you? Does it mean gathering ideas or does it mean building a culture of commitment? If you answered yes to both, you are on the right track. You need ideas to be innovative, but you need a culture of innovation to continually find the most valuable ideas.


In many organizations, innovation is a watchword.

It can be easy to think your business is innovative, just because you have ideas. But limiting the success of your innovation management program to the number of ideas you collect is a short-term view.

How can we change this thinking? Here are two tips you can follow to change the perception of innovation management in your organization.


Innovation programs that deliver a lasting innovation culture are programs with a clear strategy, which could last two or three years through a number of different approaches.

These strategies not only focus on traditional innovation activities but go much further. They are based on the involvement of a crowd of people, they are a business of involvement rather than a business of innovation.

One way to bring about this change in your organization is to organize multiple types of challenges that pose questions like “How to remove obstacles to productivity?” or “What would help you do your job better?” In this way, you will increase the chances of engaging every employee, partner or customer.


When you engage multiple brains in different types of challenges, you significantly increase the likelihood of finding a winning idea. You are able to spot ideas, problems and opportunities much faster by taking advantage of the diversity of thought.

All of this allows you to show the value of your innovation program much earlier than if you were to manage a long-term project.

These types of ideas offer a lot more agility when it comes to execution and ultimately make a significant contribution to your business.

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