How to make meetings effective in smart working

The Coronavirus emergency has pushed companies to embrace “smart working”, that allows you to do your job and stay in touch with work colleagues, even if you are at home and thus ensure continuity of business.

A phenomenon of enormous significance to the point that Bloomberg spoke of the “world’s largest work-from-home experiment”, which will certainly have a direct impact on the modern working approach.

How to make meetings effective in smart working, like those that take place in person? Here are some useful tips!

  1. Targeted conversations through quality audio and video
  2. Use easy-to-integrate technology
  3. Make your meetings interactive and collaborative

Especially for the last point, The Best Idea, our innovative platform for proposing and voting ideas in the company completely remotely, comes to your aid.

With The Best Idea you can give voice to collaborators, who can provide suggestions in a very simple and quick way, in total anonymity. Only at the end, the best ideators will be able to reveal their identity and be rewarded.

In more detail, with our platform you can:

  • involve participants online in the preparation of a Meeting in the office or remotely, choosing the topics and solutions to be proposed
  • organize and manage Brainstorming and Design Thinking sessions
  • open a Survey or Market Research aimed at your customers
  • facilitate the candidate selection process if you are an HR Manager
  • create and manage Hackathon

What are you waiting for? Discover all the features of our platform and learn how to manage effective meetings in smart working:

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