How to promote a culture of employee engagement through innovation

How important is employee involvement? Truly engaged employees put all their passion and loyalty into an organization, helping it achieve the best possible results.

Businesses recognize the impact it can have on their performance. A recent Deloitte report found that organizations spend over $ 100 billion annually to improve employee engagement.

87% of employees, however, remain disengaged, costing companies a lot. In fact, there is widespread apathy among the workforce and only 30% of workers are “involved”; a figure that has barely changed in the last ten years.

Therefore, employers need to find new ways to find employee engagement factors: connect employees with company strategy, increase leadership transparency, show interest in employee ideas etc.

How can you turn disengaged employees into highly engaged co-workers who will help you advance your business?


Crowdsourcing innovation

It is a universal truth that employees are most engaged when they feel most valued by their employer and when their input is sought and heard by leadership.

Involving employees in an innovation program is an effective way to give them a voice, increasing their sense of inclusion and motivation, enabling them to contribute to corporate strategy issues and ultimately foster a culture of engagement.

Crowdsourcing innovation is the concept of inspiration, collection and acceleration of ideas by employees on a large scale, which allows you to increase employee engagement across the company.

Not only does it help discover actionable ideas to solve challenges and grow the business, but it offers an organization’s workforce a way to feel more engaged and take the company to the next level.

This concept is the basis of our The Best Idea platform, the first Made in Italy Idea management platform that allows employees or collaborators to share their innovation projects in the company, all anonymously. At the end of the session, the best ideas and inventors will be rewarded by the leadership.


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