Digital Transformation: useful tips

Digital Transformation: useful tips

Ideas and great concepts are everywhere – internally they come from employees, externally from customers and partners.

For companies to take advantage of the collective knowledge that exists both inside and outside their four walls, they need to go beyond R&D teams or executive leadership when it comes to sourcing ideas.

If you are an automobile manufacturer, go to production and ask the staff. New product ideas or even process improvements will result.

If you are a healthcare company, go to your patients and ask them what improvements they would suggest to get a better experience.

Genius is everywhere, ready to be exploited.


57% of users recognize that their team is moving too slowly in terms of developing digital solutions. This is no surprise.

Being able to experiment and execute quickly is crucial for digital transformation as it allows you to fail, learn and iterate solutions until they hit the mark.

With the fast-paced nature of technology and consumer demand, speed is very important.


Digital transformation requires experimentation, which of course means there will be a fair amount of successes and failures along the way.

The risk of failure stops employees from experimenting if they do not know that there is a company behind to support their efforts. Hesitation slows down the whole transformation process or can even cause it to stop.

Therefore, it is important to allow employees to try, experiment, fail and learn by putting in place governance and systems that allow everything to happen efficiently without letting things get out of hand.

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