How to open a startup and find funding

Do you have an innovative idea in the drawer but not enough money to make it happen?

How to find funding for your startup

If you have already developed your Business Model, you will be able to perfectly quantify your needs in cash (licenses and permits, consultancy, legal costs etc …). There are various types of funding, let’s see them together:

  1. Angel investor: Big investors who decide to bet a lot of capital on your idea.
  2. Crowdfunding: To follow this path, it is useful to start a market analysis and find the first consumers to promote themselves and find funding to start the launch of the product, or service.
  3. Venture capitalist: You can contact this figure if you have something in your hand, even a reduced capital, choosing from those that are most suitable for your business with reference to your investment focus, both with respect to sectors of interest (for example ict, biotech , robotics, etc.), both with respect to the life phase of the company in which they operate (seed, early-stage, growth, etc.)

Other possibilities are loans, government funding or obtaining financing through banks.

Now that you know all this, you may be interested in presenting your business plan to a potential investor, the opportunities will not fail if you create them. The-Best-Idea offers a tool to bring startups and investors together!

In fact, with the “Business Plan” function of The Best Idea, you can publish a new business initiative and then have it analyzed in a confidential manner by a group of potential Investors. The interested lenders will be able to contact the Inventor directly or participate in the evaluation of the elements that make up his Business Plan.

If, on the other hand, the crowdfunding solution is right for you and you want to start a market investigation, we can offer you tailored advice to make it better and get real and expendable data for your fundraising campaign!

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