Idea Management is the process of collecting and developing new ideas to solve existing problems and discover new opportunities for your business.

It is the first phase of product development, in which ideas are collected by the whole company (including possibly external collaborators, customers, suppliers and in general stakeholders), evaluated and considered to trace a sort of “roadmap” of the product.

Ideas that concern your business, your products and services can take different forms, which are conveyed through:

  1. customer feedback
  2. product functionality requests
  3. the problems posed
  4. suggestions / ideas for improvement

Managing these ideas means keeping a register of ideas in which it is possible to identify the most innovative ones, evaluate products and make strategic decisions about what you want to carry out.

Idea Management strategies

Idea Management allows you to have a broader view of your company’s problems and offer them a solution.

Have you ever wondered where the most productive ideas for your company come from? The most innovative ideas often come from voices within the company itself, such as employees and collaborators.

The company’s internal crowdsourcing ideas are in fact an extremely effective tool for gathering relevant ideas for the product roadmap. The ideas generated by team members tend to be more customer-centered and offer added value because they are often inspired by direct experience between the team and the customers themselves.

Brainstorming Sessions

A brainstorming session is a creative exercise that brings together a diverse group of people to generate a large volume of ideas.

The most effective brainstorming sessions are made up of around 8-10 people and involve people from multiple teams such as creatives, engineers and marketing experts.

A successful brainstorming session is measured by quantity, not quality. The most absurd and creative ideas are the most decisive in a brainstorming, as they open the group to a fresh and unusual approach that leads to a more effective problem solving.

With brainstorming, team members can voice their strangest ideas free from any judgments. To this end, we have developed The Best Idea platform, which allows employees to make suggestions in the company simply and quickly and initially in total anonymity.

At the end, the best ideas of the team are rewarded through a ranking and employees can acquire prizes or rewards of merit in the company. Register for free now:

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