Drawing up an effective business plan is the first step to lay the foundations for profitable and long-lasting business. In fact, the document represents the summary of information relating to the business project, which includes all strictly technical aspects, but not only.

The difficulty in drawing up a business plan lies in expressing the most abstract concepts.

In this article we will explain how to create an effective business plan and above all attractive in the eyes of potential investors.


1. Goals

To articulate the aims of the business project, it is necessary to focus on the values ​​and objectives to be achieved, creating a track to be used as a reference point to guide our every choice.

2. Mission

The key to business success lies in building a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Defining the mission is the starting point for writing a convincing mission statement.

3. Identify the target market

Finding a target audience to turn to is not an easy process. The common trend is to excessively expand it, avoiding to focus on what a product / service can actually offer.

4. Testare la propria idea di business

It is essential that aspiring entrepreneurs confront industry experts, other entrepreneurs or potential customers to obtain honest and truthful feedback on the effectiveness of their business idea.


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