How to organize effective meetings: the benefits of brainstorming and design thinking

Very often, when organizing a meeting, some details are disregarded, one of which is the limited time available and the fact that not everyone can feel comfortable in expressing their ideas freely. This can affect the effectiveness of the meetings themselves, to the point of being considered useless. On the contrary, these moments must be used intelligently. Like? Thanks to brainstorming and design thinking with the help of an IT platform, which also makes it possible to participate in those who cannot be physically present in the meeting.

How to organize effective meetings: some golden rules

Topics need to be clarified among the participants in advance, as well as the type of goals to be achieved at the end of the meeting. Creating a clear lineup can help everyone organize their work and get ready for the meeting. Furthermore, the room in which the meeting takes place should not be disregarded, it must be suitable for gathering all the guests and having material available in order to gather ideas or record the highlights. Do not forget also to create a summary document and distribute it at the end of the meeting to all participants!

Although all of these rules may be useful for organizing an effective meeting, one last point is not to be overlooked. Very often those who are invited to speak are unable to express their ideas at their best, also because they are afraid of the judgment of others or perhaps that of their leaders present. These can often be potential winning ideas, but how can you collect them so that you can develop them better?

Brainstorming e design thinking with the aid of an IT platform

Here solutions come into play with the help of an IT platform, which has many advantages.

First of all, it makes participation possible for those who cannot be physically present in a meeting and for certain activities it allows them to operate in the times they prefer, freeing them from fixed times and dates.

It will be even more effective if it also allows:

  1. to those who convene the meetings, to prepare the various activities that they want to do, making the vision of the objectives and the schedule of activities planned for the first and subsequent scheduled meetings available in advance to the participants, allow them to go to the meeting prepared
  2. to publish ideas in a very simple way and show them to others immediately
  3. to have them chosen by the group with an efficient and rapid system
  4. to initially operate anonymously in order to publish the ideas and to choose them by voting, without being afraid of being frowned upon by others in both cases
  5. to get rankings of the best ideas
  6. to the inventors of the best ideas to reveal the authorship of their idea, and to those who produced ideas that the group did not like, not letting them know that the idea was theirs
  7. possibly to receive a prize for their skill
  8. to those who convene the meetings, to write a summary of the result at the end of each activity, making it visible to the whole group

This practice is very powerful to arrive at unconventional and innovative solutions.

It is for this specific purpose that we have developed our The Best Idea platform. Are you interested?

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